EXPLAINER: Propositions that could help Valley childcare centers, retired educational employees

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Out of the 14 propositions that are on the ballot for the November elections, there are two that could help Valley childcare centers and retired employees who have worked in education.

One of the propositions is Prop 2. If approved, it would give certain childcare centers a property tax exemption of at least 50 percent.

Something people say is needed as a lot of federal funding for childcare facilities have expired.

"It would allow for lowering overhead costs, providing more childcare facilities that could stay open or actually be built. And the argument is that the savings can be passed along to staff and parents," University of Texas San Antonio Political Science Professor Jon Taylor said.

Those against Prop 2 say it would raise taxes in other areas to make up the difference.

A different proposition on the ballot could increase pensions for retired educational employees.

Prop 9 would not only help teachers, but it would also benefit retired bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians and anyone else who has worked in education. 

"We have the fund, we just need the permission of the voters so that the legislature can do the cost of living adjustment or allow the cost of living adjustment," retired educator Neida Ruth Grantland said.

Educational workers say they have not seen an increase in their pensions in nearly 20 years.

Polling locations across the Valley will be open until 7 p.m. Tuesday.

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