Explicit Photo Blackmail

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WESLACO - A Valley woman is warning others after hackers threatened her through a mobile application.

Jessika Mata received a push alert on her phone from the hackers, she says, "I didn't recognize the person or the user name."

Going through her phones, the threatening messages are obvious.

Mata says, "they were stating that they had explicit photos of me and started sending me screen shots of all my friends on Facebook."

Mata says she reported and blocked the hackers but that didn't stop them.

"They would respond to me or message me again with a different user name," she says.

The hackers then demanded a thousand dollars from Mata she says, "Threatening that if I didn't send them money they were going to expose these photos to all my family and friends on Facebook."

Mata fought back against the hackers.

"Finally, I told them, I was reporting this to the police and, I had reported all the user names to the apps and that I was reporting this to the news and they finally stopped."

She hopes others won't become a victim.

KRGV Digital Media Director Malena Hernandez says there are places you can go to report online threats.

Sites like Facebook created a form to report threats like intimate photos, videos or messages.

"So it's just your name, the person you're reporting, the url to that person's profile, who the images of describing the issue a little further and that way you can send that information directly to Facebook," Hernandez says.

Hernandez adds in the help section can you also report threats to law enforcement and block people you don't know.

She reminds digital media users to never share a picture with someone that you wouldn't want shared with others.


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