Family, Police Continue Search for Missing Marine

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RAYMONDVILLE – Family members and law enforcement are still searching for a missing Raymondville woman.

Nora Conde Villalobos, 49, has been missing for a week. Investigators said the former U.S. Marine was last seen last Tuesday night by family members.

Police said Villalobos suffers from hypertension and Crohn’s Disease and is need of medication.

The family combed canals and fields recently looking for Villalobos.

“All of us are together. Right now we are here some of us, while some of us are in another location,” Anita Conde, the sister of the missing woman, said.

She said she believes the family is very close to finding Villalobos. Conde said keeping focused is difficult but essential.

“Right now, we’re looking at different areas people are talking to us about. Any little hints of where they saw something, a ping on their phone. Whatever they tell us, we’ll go out there and look,” Conde said.

Raymondville Police Chief Uvaldo Zamora said his department is digging through Villalobos’s bank records. He said it will help investigators determine when Villalobos last used her bank cards.

Zamora said this is just one technique his department is using to find the missing 49-year-old.

“We used a couple dogs but they haven’t picked up any scent of anything,” he said. “We did use a couple of drones on Friday and Monday but we have not been able to find anything.”

Zamora said his investigation is now focused on a canal on the south side of Raymondville.

“One of the things we picked this location for is this was one of the last locations where the ping was found. It was actually about a two mile radius,” he said.

Zamora said the investigation has not yet turned up any significant leads.

Conde said her family will not stop searching for her sister until she’s home safe.

Raymondville police chief said the last missing person case his department investigated was in the 1990s.

People can turn to the National Missing and Unidentified Person System or NAMUS.gov to report a missing loved one.

The system helps investigators and the public cross reference records of missing people and unidentified remains.


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