Family speaks out after cemetery plot found flooded during family service

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Family members of a loved one spent hours removing water from the cemetery plot of a relative they tried to bury in Edcouch.

"He said there was water in there, he saw that the casket wasn't going down and the dirt wasn't helping,” Abigail Hernandez said. “It was just floating."

The casket had to be pulled out so the water could be removed.

The man in charge Anahuac Community Cemetery said this has never happened before, but he did admit that the land floods easily.

"When it rains a lot, the water stays here," said Juan Garcia, who added that the problem may have been caused by the family digging too deep.

Garcia says he's trying to prevent an incident like this happening again, starting with requesting help from the county in order to get more dirt and gravel. 

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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