Father Seeks Justice after Son Killed on Falcon Lake

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MCALLEN – The father of a man killed on Falcon Lake is speaking out about his son’s recent death.

Oscar Eduardo Garza died last week when he was fishing on Falcon Lake. His father, who wanted to keep his identity hidden, said his son always went fishing in that area, especially during the night.

“Why did they take my son? He wouldn’t hurt anybody. He didn’t deserve to die that way. He didn’t deserve it,” Garza’s father said.

Trips out on Falcon Lake were almost a daily thing for Garza. The father said his son had a passion for hunting and fishing.

“He wasn’t bad, he wasn’t a bandit. He’s an angel,” the father said. “And everyone who knows him, they know who Oscar was.”

Garza was on a boat with his friend, Javier Gonzalez. The father said Gonzalez and Garza were good friends.

The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office said the two were on Falcon Lake around 8:45 last Tuesday night.

They had exchanged words with some other people on another boat and sped off when they saw what appeared to be a weapon.

Shots were fired as they left.

Gonzalez jumped out of the boat and Garza was hit.

“I don’t want this to stay up in the air or to leave it alone. I want the people who did this, I know that it was two people, and I want those two people. I want them to pay for what they did to my son,” the man stated.

Garza’s father talks to investigators frequently but said life has to go on.

“We have to live to take care of the ones left behind. We have to live and provide for the kids and the family and just have to keep moving forward,” he said.

The investigation into the shooting continues. 


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