FBI warns voters about online election scams

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With Election Day just weeks away, the FBI has issued a warning about online scammers.

FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee said scammers will use current events to trick people into donating to a fake website or stealing their bank account information. 

“Whenever there’s a natural disaster or a hurricane or the fires that are going on in California, they exploit our desire to try to help those in need,” Lee said. “Right now with COVID they’re exploiting our desire to have information.”

Lee said people need to stay vigilant especially during this election season.

“We just have to be step ahead of them and always be skeptical and assume that anything that’s coming your way is probably a scam, until you can prove otherwise,” Lee said. 

Here are some tips to look out for:

If you are sent a link don’t click it right away.

If you want to make a donation make sure it is a reliable source and website.

Remember that all government websites will end in (.gov). 

The FBI encourages people to report suspicious activity on their website

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