Federal Court Decision Could Impact 'Remain in Mexico' Rule in the Valley

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WESLACO – Migrants impacted by the Migrant Protection Protocols along the border are waiting on a decision that can allow them to wait in the U.S. for their immigration court hearings.

There are hundreds of migrants in Mexico saying they've been victims of violence.

The decision would affect whether they will have to stay put in Mexico or if they can come and wait their immigration court hearing in the U.S.

A California court issued a temporary restraining order. The decision involves a kind of hearing where migrants request to be taken off MPP for fear of returning to Mexico.

Right now, they cannot have an attorney present during that interview.

A judge ruled that a migrant family in California will be able to have a lawyer for that process.

Texas Civil Rights Project in the Rio Grande Valley believe that could mean migrants here might be granted the same legal access.

“If it does require that all migrants have an attorney during a non-refoulemont process, it would ensure accountability. It would mean that agents wouldn't be making harassing remarks, wouldn't make homophobic remarks while different migrants are in the Border Patrol facilities,” said Robert Lopez with the TCRP.

The migrant family that spurred this lawsuit was requesting to be allowed to wait in the U.S. after they survived a shootout outside their shelter in Tijuana.

A decision on whether that ruling will be applied across the entire border is coming Dec. 3.


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