Fireworks Ordinance Makes Big Changes in Los Fresnos

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LOS FRESNOS – The city of Los Fresnos recently approved an ordinance that allows firework vendors to sell fireworks within the city limits.

City officials also tagged on the okay for residents to pop the fireworks at their homes without penalty.

“We’re certain that it’s very fine for us to sell the fireworks,” city manager Mark Milum said.

Last month, city commissioners passed an ordinance to allow the sale and popping of fireworks within city limits. No other city in Cameron County allows it.

Mark Milum, the city manager and longtime Los Fresnos volunteer firefighter, said the issue came up when the city recently annexed property, historically used by fireworks vendors.

Commissioners are allowing vendors to continue using the same locations but now have the power to regulate them and charge a $75 permit, per stand.

Milum said there was no real reason to stop people from popping fireworks.

“The rural area where the grass is is a problem. We don’t have that in the city. The other concern is the homes. Would it be a problem with homes? It has never been in the rural area,” Milum said.

Jose Alberto lives in Los Fresnos and is surprised by the move.

“Here in Los Fresnos, they’re really strict about everything. So I’m surprised they’re going to allow us to pop fireworks,” he said.

He’s planning on taking advantage of the new change.

“My kids want to pop fireworks, but around here as soon as you start popping them, the cops arrive to tell you to stop,” Alberto said.

Arnulfo Garza didn’t know about the new ordinance in place. He said he doesn’t mind the noise, he’s just hoping all the fireworks that go up won’t come down on his home or vehicle.

“I’m concerned about the vehicles, but I guess those are the risks that come with this celebration. We can’t really do anything about it – it’s part of the tradition,” he said.

Milum said the change also comes because he said he can’t remember the last time a citation was issued for fireworks violation.

“We are going to allow it. It happens anyway in every city, whether the cities want to admit that, whether we want to admit that or not it happens and we can’t stop it even if we had every officer on duty,” he said.

He added dispatching officers for these calls was counterproductive.

The city of Los Fresnos has a volunteer fire department. The fire chief said firefighters are on call on New Year’s Eve this year; they will be out on the streets to try to cut back on response time, if any fire breaks out. 


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