First Patient in Valley Receives Medical CBD Oil Treatment

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EDINBURG – Twenty-year-old Angelica Gallaga was born with two genetic disorders, one of which, Lennox Gastaut syndrome, causes 6 to 10 seizures per day, according to her mother.

Loreda Gallaga says Angelica's life is also defined by her love of water, her joy in watching Spongebob Squarepants and her academic achievement as a graduate of Robert Vela High School.

She says Angelica is the first in the Rio Grande Valley to receive a new regulated strain of CBD oil, containing a state-allowed low content dose of THC.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a controlled substance under federal law. In the eyes of Texas police officers, this drug is legal in its regulated form.

Gallaga explains her daughter's blood saturation drops when her daughter begins a seizure. Without quick intervention from an oxygen machine, the episode can be lethal.

"She cannot be unassisted, so there is someone always with her," she says.

Gallaga says the five medications Angelica uses to control the seizures are hard on her organs and mind.

"They have very harsh side effects," she tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

On Friday, Morris Denton, CEO of Compassionate Cultivation, arrived at Gallaga's Edinburg home carrying the very first dose of regulated CBD oil Angela would receive.

The oil is unlike commercially sold CBD oil, said Morris. He said widely available products are different because they contain no THC.

This product contains .5 percent THC.

Gallaga said she consulted with her Austin doctor and heard anecdotal success stories about CBD oil being used in other places.

She says believes the first drop she gives her daughter would be the start of a process to wean her off the five seizure medications.

"The CBD oil is what gives us hope," she says.

It is the start of something new for Angelica.


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