Flight Passengers Arriving to Valley from Las Vegas Recount

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MCALLEN – The first flight from Las Vegas to the Rio Grande Valley touched down just before Monday afternoon.

Nearly 24 hours after the gunfire rained down on a crowd of concertgoers, the impact is still being felt.

Annie Garcia and her partner were inside the Mandalay Bay as the barrage of gunfire rang out.

"We were actually at a Michael Jackson show when they put us on lockdown," said Garcia. She said the show suddenly stopped.

"We thought it was part of the show," said Garcia. "Then the police came and they told us like, "OK, this is happening. Stay calm and just wait.'"

Garcia said the hotel was on lockdown for five hours. Once the lockdown was lifted, she said it was a rush to pack and head to the airport. 

John King was also in Las Vegas during the shooting. He said he was unaware of what happened until he woke up Monday morning.

King said he's fortunate to have been miles away from where the gunman opened fire. He said his thoughts are with a passenger who was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

"The sad thing was on the way up there, there was a girl on the flight that was going to the festival. I didn't see her on the return flight, that's the scary part," King said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS did speak with two other women who were on the Las Vegas strip and heard Sunday night’s gunfire. They were too distraught to speak with us on camera.


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