Flood Prompts Raymondville Pinata Store to Seek New Location

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RAYMONDVILLE - It's not just homeowners affected by the June floods.     

One business owner we spoke to says the flood damage put his piñata shop out of business for a month.

A month after the big flood they’re setting up a new storefront and rebuilding a lost inventory a retired couple depends on.

Aida Vasquez says she was a nurse and her husband was a doctor in Mexico before they moved to the U.S.

She started building crafts at an adult daycare, and it became a business.

When the flooding happened they lost their piñatas.

"They're lost. They're made of paper. You have to make new ones", says Vasquez.

The piñata business has the same problem as other nearby businesses.

The Small Business Administration is offering loans to businesses; those loans are for damages to property and for losses.

Business owners are eligible for a loan up to $2 million at a low interest rate, to bounce back.

Business owners have two deadlines coming up, that they need to know about.

One is for physical damages, which is in September and then April of next year, for economic injuries.

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