Flood victim continues to battle damages days after storm

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SULLIVAN CITY------A flood victim in Sullivan city continues to battle damages over a week after the storm.
We first told you about Roman Salinas earlier this month where he had to evacuate his home due to flooding.
Now he says the damages are much more then he was expecting.
"One door resisted all the water because it's made of a different material but a couple other doors, can't even close," said Salinas.
His home also has cracked tiles and stained walls from the flooding.
Since the flooding Salinas says he's also had to throw some of his furniture like a couple couches as well as a lot of his own clothing.
"I'm going to take my bed and throw it away and see if the trash picks it up," said Salinas.
While he continues to clean up, Salinas's family is coincidentally dealing with flood damage from hurricane Harvy.
"My only son lives in Houston, he's working that's why he hasn't checked on me," said Salinas.
Salinas says the road to recovery isn't easy with his age so he is relying on friends and neighbors to help out.
If you are dealing with damages from a disaster you are urged to contact the red cross, their number is 1-866-526-8300. 
Salinas says he may look into this option depending if the damages get worse.


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