Floodwaters Ravaged with Sewage Dead Rodents near Santa Rosa

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NEAR SANTA ROSA – Cameron County officials are warning the public to stay away from an area surrounded by sewage.

Floodwaters along a main road leading to Santa Rosa have gone down.

However, Cameron County Emergency Management says people should wear a mask driving on FM 506, between Santa Rosa and La Feria.

Officials say the smell will burn your throat.

In a location called La Torre, the smell of sewage and garbage thicken the floodwaters now.

“I've gone in and there's a few animals floating around, dead rats and possums and stuff and they’re floating around in that water,” said Mario Olivarez, a resident.

Olivarez says his father is refusing to leave his home.

The Cameron County Emergency Management coordinator, Tom Hushen, highly recommends to stay out of the water.

Hushen explained the county has finalized contracts to start cleaning the streets as soon as the water goes down.

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