Food Bank RGV teaches kids about healthy eating habits with Kids Produce Market

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The Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley is working to change that mindset of young students in the Valley.

They're working hand in hand with school districts to teach students about healthy eating habits at a young age.

"I got oranges, two peppers, and this thing," Second grader at Olivero Garza Sr. Elementary School Marigan Guzman said.

Guzman was among the dozens of pre-k through second grade students from Olivero Garza Sr. Elementary School involved in today's Kids Produce Market, a free program offered to low income schools valleywide.

"This program is helping the kids form a nutritious diet. Recognize fruits and vegetables and learn how to better feed their body," Food Bank RGV Child Hunger Coordinator Miriam Gonzalez said.

Students didn't have to go far to participate. The Food Bank RGV brought their traveling food market to the front door of the school.

It wasn't just a bag of fruits and veggies students got to take home, they also went home with a lesson.

"We start talking to them about nutrition, we start talking about grocery lists, helping their parents make grocery lists," Pre-K teacher at the school Marie Cavazos said. "We do talk about making healthy choices and what's healthier."

With the high rate of diabetes in the Valley, the Food Bank RGV and teachers hope teaching healthy habits at a young age will stick.

So far, the Food Bank RGV has brought their Kids Produce Market to 88 schools across Hidalgo County. The food bank is hoping to expand the program into Cameron, Willacy and Starr counties.

School districts interested in this program can call the food bank at 904-4527 for more information.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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