Former Brownsville Fire Chief Pleads Not Guilty to Theft Cha

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BROWNSVILLE – The former Brownsville fire chief made his first court appearance since his arrest.

Carlos Elizondo pleaded not guilty to the two charges against him, misappropriation of fiduciary funds and theft by a public official; both third-degree felonies.

His attorney, Eddie Lucio, said Elizondo has been greatly impacted by his unpaid suspension from the Brownsville Fire Department and his reputation has been tarnished.

He said the suspension was premature.

“It’s hurtful, it’s painful and, unfortunately, the only remedy we have is to take this to trial and make them prove these allegations that they brought against him. Because they are serious allegations,” he said.

Elizondo has been with the Brownsville Fire Department for 21 years.

He was demoted from fire chief to lieutenant in September and then put on suspension without pay last month following his arrest. 


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