Former Edinburg mayor takes the stand in voter fraud trial

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Edinburg’s former mayor took the stand for the second time Tuesday in his voter fraud trial.

The voter fraud charges stem from an investigation linked to Richard Molina’s mayoral win in 2017.

The former mayor was asked by the attorneys with the state about the logic he and his attorneys used that if a person has a vested interest in the city of Edinburg, they can change their address on a voter registration record without them living in that city. 

Molina defended himself by pointing out opinions valid in 2017 from former Texas attorney generals.

Prosecutors asked Molina if he regretted what he is accused of doing.

“I regret that my friends and family were attacked, my supporters were attacked and that they had to go through this – this embarrassment,” Molina said. “Me and my wife being paraded around in handcuffs, having to answer questions in our kid’s schools, our kids not being focused and asking what happened to mommy and daddy.”

The former mayor reiterated that his intention was to register more people to vote in the 2017 municipal election.

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