Former Valley Resident Goes Through 2 Destructive Earthquake

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PUEBLA, MEXICO – Crews continue to clean up after Friday's 7.2 Magnitude earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with a former Donna resident, Jose Armora, who was in his home when the earthquake struck. 

Armora currently lives in Puebla, located more than 200 miles from the earthquake's epicenter. 

He said the sudden jolt reminded him of the previous devastating earthquake last fall. 

"It's been some time since we've had these bad earthquake, but lately last year and this year we've had a few, so you start getting used to these things," he said. 

Armora said the jolt came suddenly, "We had just eaten so we were all here together." 

He said the worst thing about going through an earthquake is not knowing just how bad it's going to be. 

"You call all family members, 'Is everything OK?' They call you. People that you know or work with," said Armora. 

Armora said while his city made it through the event most intact, at the time he couldn't help but think back to the previous earthquake in the fall.

"Once everything starts shaking you think it's going to be that bad so panic starts setting in," he said. 

 Armora said his area in Mexico is prone to earthquakes so most buildings like his home are built to withstand most of their destructive power. 

 "The old ones which are 400 to 300 years old, most the tops of churches and stuff those are the ones that suffer," he said. 

Armora said during this time, people are checking with loved ones to make sure everyone is OK.

He said most repairs were already done in his area. 


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