Furloughed oil operator from the Valley says it will take time to get back to work

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An effort is underway in the state to help oil producers and operators. The Texas Railroad Commission says a task force is looking for any ideas to save jobs.

People working in Texas oil fields and the Permian Basin, which set records last year as the largest oil producer in the world, are now faced with a problem – there is too much oil and not enough people are buying it.

As more people stayed home due to orders, the price of oil kept dropping.

Jaime Santos has spent nine years working the oil fields. He was furloughed this week. This is the third slow down for Santos. He says it’s the worst he’s experienced seeing the price of oil drop below zero.

Former head of the Port of Brownsville, Joseph Linck, says is also affecting the general public since local governments are losing sales taxes.

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