Gas Service Fully Restored Following Gas Pipeline Break

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UPDATE (06/07): Gas service was restored for everyone impacted by a gas pipeline break in Palmview.  

The break happened Monday on La Homa Road and FM 495 and caused mandatory evacuations of surrounding neighborhoods.

Texas Gas Service and the city of Palmview said construction crews working on a road project hit the line causing the break.

TGS is investigating.

The company whose crews were contracted to do the work have also launched an internal investigation. 


PALMVIEW – Two companies have launched investigations into what caused the break of a natural gas pipeline.

Crews with Texas Gas Service repaired the pipe after 24 hours of work.

The city of Palmview said crews with Edinburg-based IOC Company LLC were working on the beginning phases of a road construction project when the break happened.

"This is a project to expand La Homa Road into a four-lane facility with a divided turning lane and part of that project is to make sure there is a storm water drain," said Leo Olivares, Palmview interim city manager.

Christy Penders, spokesperson with Texas Gas Service, said the company is investigating what led to the break.

"We look at, did they call 811? Was the line properly marked? Did they do proper, safe digging techniques?" she said.

Before anyone begins an excavation project, homeowners or contractors need to call 811 to make sure utility lines or pipes are not underground.

Ruben Vega, IOC LLC human resources manager, could not comment on whether 811 was called due to their company's internal investigation.


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