Getting Tested Early Can Help Combat Infertility

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HARLINGEN – One in every eight couples in the Rio Grande Valley has infertility issues.

Experts we spoke to say ignoring the issue won’t cause it to disappear. They say being brave and taking action is the first step in overcoming the issue.

Growing up many of us consider conceiving children an easy task. Later, we learn it isn’t for many.

Linda Rodriguez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she planned everything, career, meet Mr. Right, get married, have kids. She said she’s met all her goals except the last.

“Diagnosed with a brain tumor prolactinoma, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and stage four endometriosis, which can add on to the issues of fertility,” she said.

Rodriguez says several years ago, she and her husband finally decided to head to a specialist.

“And then to be told it isn’t going to be easy. It can cause a lot of emotional havoc on your family on your marriage,” she said.

Rodriguez explained being diagnosed as infertile at 32 years was a huge source of stress on marriage. And she isn’t alone.

“That’s why I started this support group because I saw that there was a need,” Cynthia Sparks, founder of a local support group in connection with RESOLVE The National Infertility Association, said.

Sparks told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she’s faced her own battle with infertility like costly treatments and pressure from family.

She says having a place where like minds can discuss the challenges can help relieve the stress.

“Emotional stress in the relationship – financially and then emotionally because marriage is already hard. You know, you have to put a lot into the relationship, and then you add infertility to that so it makes it really hard,” she explained.

Sparks says many couples battling infertility are terrified of anyone finding out.

Magdalena Salinas is a medical health professional who specializes in fertility. She said the first step in beating infertility is having the courage to get tested.

“But just that fear keeps a lot of patients away,” she said.

She says through a few non-invasive tests, specialists can discover the infertility issue in 90 percent of cases.

She adds a new treatment can cut the cost of conceiving a child.

“As of late, there is something called INVOcell, which is maybe half the cost of IVF that requires minimal stimulation. It’s working very well for a lot of patients,” Salinas explained.

Salinas stresses early detection is key. She said the healthier a person is, the better chance they have of successfully conceiving.

Rodriguez explained she recently received good news. She told us her brain tumor has completely disappeared giving her a better chance of conceiving a child.

She said she won’t ever lose faith.

Sparks told CHANNEL 5 NEW the support group meets once a month. She tells all meetings are open to anyone experiencing infertility issues. 


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