Girl Scouts Racking Up Cookie Sales

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HARLINGEN – Girl Scout troops are out and about selling their famous cookies. There’s only two more weeks for people to snatch up their own boxes.

There is a troop at almost every school around the Rio Grande Valley and their goal every year is to raise money by selling cookies.

“We always say the cookies sell themselves because they are a good quality cookie,” Alicia Luevano, Girl Scouts manager of product sales, said. “With our Girl Scout sales and cookie sales it will end on Feb. 26. This is the time to get them.”

The Girl Scouts have been selling the boxes of treats for 100 years.

“We are Troop 4138 out of Harlingen. We are the top seller in the entire council and our goal for today is to sell 1,200 boxes of cookies,” Troop Leader Jennifer Allen said.

From the top sellers to the brand new Troop 70 at Clover Elementary in San Juan, they’re all trying to get last minute cookie sales.

“It has girls from kinder all the way to the fourth grade. It’s our first time here and we proudly represent Clover Elementary,” Trooper Leader Lizette Valdez said.

“Both our daughters come to this school, Clover Elementary, and they came home with the flyer and we just came to hear the information,” Troop Leader Yesica Gonzalez said.

They ended up being leader and co-leader and they now use the selling of cookies for something bigger.

“We’ve done a couple of sales here at the school and one at H-E-B. And their customer service is like, they’ll be smiling, ‘Can I help you?’ Buy cookies. They love it,” Gonzalez said.

“We’ve been teaching the girls about business skills, about people skills, business ethics. This is an awesome opportunity for these girls to learn,” Allen said.

“A lot of the girls that used to be shy are now out there talking to people,” Valdez said.

This year the Girl Scouts introduced a new cookie – S’mores – for their 100 years of selling cookies.

“It has proven to be a very popular variety,” Luevano said.

The troops are still selling their classic cookies like Thin Mints and Caramel Delights. It doesn’t matter which one is someone’s favorite, they just have to be sure to get them before time runs out.

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