Granjeno Drivers Concerned with Increased Javelina Sightings

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GRANJENO – An increase in javelina sightings is causing concerns for drivers in Granjeno. People said they tend to cross their main road at night and often times they are hard to see.

Napoleon Garza, a Granjeno resident, said the javelinas tend to appear unexpectedly.

“You don’t see nothing. It’s black when it’s dark, it gets really foggy and hazy and you can’t see them. You’re driving by and they just come out and dart out. What can you do,” he said.

Garza said his cousin sustained severe damage to his front bumper after accidentally hitting a javelina.

“It just so happen at that time, when he ran over the javelina it was hazy, it was foggy. He couldn’t see the little animal just darted across the road,” he explained.

Garza mentioned the animals aren’t anything new to the people of Granjeno. More tend to come out around this time of year.

“That’s when all these farmers they plant cilantro, cabbage, all of that is good stuff that they like to nibble on,” he said.

Sometimes the javelinas travel closer to homes.

The reason being is sometimes they’re searching for food and they start to dig in the ground which can damage people’s property.

Earlier this year, javelinas damaged some fences in a Harlingen neighborhood. If they start to severely damage property, Garza said they’ll be swift to take action.

“If they start causing damage to the properties here, we’ll make them into tamales,” Garza said.

For now Garza is urging people to be cautious while driving in the area at night.

According to the Gladys Porter Zoo, javelinas don’t usually pose a threat to humans. They do urge people to keep an eye on the pets. Dogs are known to attack javelinas which cause them to fight back.

If anyone finds wild animals roaming around their neighborhood, they are urged to contact animal control. The Hidalgo County number is 383-0111.


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