Gridiron Heroes: She Said Yes!

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PHARR – When it comes to football, it wasn’t the greatest night for PSJA North assistant coach Mateo Garcia. The Raiders were beat by Edinburg 23-21 and North ended the season 2-8. Despite all that, Thursday night will still go down as one of the best nights of Garcia’s life.

When the game was over, the team took one final picture together. But this wasn’t a normal picture. This particular picture was a long time in the making.

“To be honest, it was kind of my mom’s idea,” said Garcia. “I wasn’t a big fan of it because I knew all the attention it would bring.”

The team cleared out and left just Garcia and his girlfriend Marina Ramirez in the picture. Ramirez didn’t know what to make of it.

“I was just really confused,” said Ramirez. “Everybody was telling us that just the two of us should take a picture. Then I turned around.”

That’s when Garcia dropped to bended knee with a banner behind him that asked Ramirez to be his wife.

She said yes.

“The whole team ended up being there,” said Garcia. “We ended up being on the football field while the fans were still there. It turned out way bigger than I expected, but it was actually a really good turnout.”

“Our parents showed up to the game,” said Ramirez. “Everything just came together. Wow, it finally just made sense at the end of it.”

The special night brought Garcia’s two loves together. High school football and his now, new fiancé.

Together, they’re ready for the next chapter.

“I love what I do and she supports that fully,” said Garcia. “I believe any football coach in the Valley can attest to this. Behind every great coach is a great wife. Without your support system, you really can’t deal with your job successfully.”

“He had asked my dad the previous week,” said Ramirez. “His mom knew, his dad knew, everyone knew but me. So everyone was excited for me to finally know. Yes, everybody was pretty happy. He’s stuck with me now.”


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