Gridiron Heroes: Super Cardinals

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HARLINGEN – The Cardinals had a special football game this week. One that wasn’t on the schedule.

Fans showed up to cheer on four seniors, who got their wish to play for Big Red.

“The big smile on their face was priceless,” said head coach Manny Gomez. “Not just to us adults, but to their parents, and to the rest of these kids that were here to witness this. It was definitely a humbling experience.”

The four “Super Cardinals” are Camilo Olivares, Zephaniah Perales, Hector Ramirez, and Aaron Rodriguez.

Coach Manny Gomez helped each player put their helmets on before they took the field.

One at a time, each player lined up at running back. When they got the football, they were on a mission to find the endzone.

The four seniors broke through the defense to score touchdown after touchdown.

“Anytime you can put a smile on a young life, whether it’s on the field or off the field, that’s what it’s all about,” said Gomez. “That’s what I truly believe I was put on this planet for, but at the same time, it’s not about me. It’s about this whole community, this whole school, this whole team. Just let them cut loose and have fun man.”

With four touchdowns from their Super Cardinals, it was a big victory for Harlingen.

A special day where everyone walked away a winner.

“It was priceless man,” said Gomez. “I’m still hyped about it right now. To see the joy in these kids’ faces is just so humbling.”


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