Guardwoman Deploys After Braving Harvey

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ORANGE – The destructive force of Hurricane Harvey wasn't over for Sgt. Clarissa Perry, when it passed over her home in Dickinson, Texas.

She's a member of the 551st Multi-Role Bridge Company, from El Campo, Texas. Her deployment happened right after hurricane, despite what happened to her home.

"It got destroyed," she said. "I still made it out on a boat, and then got on a truck, and then headed to the unit so we can get out and help Texas.

Perry deployed to areas where homes were inundated with water over the weekend. Her unit checked homes for any survivors, during search and rescue.

"We're tapping. And then we have two minutes silence just to see if anybody's in there," she said.

"If anybody's in there we're busting through the roof and helping them out,” said Perry.

She added that it feels good to be able to help out during relief efforts.

Perry will get to head home after she’s served her state.


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