Gun Battles Between Cartels, State Officials in Nuevo Laredo Entering Third Day

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NUEVO LAREDO – More bloodshed is being reported from Nuevo Laredo as the gun battles are now entering their third day.

The fight between cartels and Mexican law enforcement stretched to 72 hours Thursday. State police lost one officer and another was injured Thursday night.

The situation began Dec. 31 when three cartel members were killed by police and a police officer was injured. The next day, police were again attacked on city streets, at a hotel they were staying at and at the hospital and a car was set ablaze by gunfire.

Laredo residents in Texas are able to hear the gunfire. Public safety entities are preparing if the situation expands to the U.S. side. The Webb County sheriff met with the Department of Public Safety on Thursday.

“We talked to them and they are going to deploy one aircraft and one plane to our disposal,” said Sheriff Martin Cuellar.

DPS also told CHANNEL 5 NEWS they will make their troopers more visible along the border in Webb County.

Intelligence is being shared with federal, state and local officials in Laredo as they continue monitoring the situation. The sheriff said they’re also sharing information with Mexican officials on a need-to-know basis.

The governor of Tamaulipas declared in a tweet Thursday there is no kind of deal for peace with the cartels. He vowed to use every instrument at their disposal to continue battling criminals plaguing his state.


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