Harlingen Motorcycle, Classic Cars Enthusiast Self-Taught

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HARLINGEN – A man’s passion-turned-career keeps thriving in his Harlingen shop.  

“This is all I’ve ever done. I started when I was 13, 14 and all I’ve ever done is motorcycles. I just like bikes. That’s it,” he says.

Third Coast Kustoms owner Seth Ruhe says he taught himself, and if you ask him, he’ll tell you it’s the only job he’s ever known.

Ruhe not only works on other people’s bikes but has several of his own.

“It’s a 1995 Harley Ultra Classic. Everything’s been rebuilt,” he says. “It’s a good bike. One hundred anniversary of Harley, so it’s pretty special.”

He says he works on every make and model. So, is there any bike he can’t fix?

“No, no such thing,” Ruhe says.

Cary Coleman, a longtime friend, says he knows Ruhe has another special interest.

“Essentially, I came to get a flat tire fixed and just kind of made a friend and started learning and hanging out, watching him,” he says. “I think the '56 Cadillac he’s got is probably my favorite to drive around in.”

Besides motorcycles, Ruhe also likes to work on classic vehicles. But, he says, there’s just something about the Rio Grande Valley and motorcycles.

“We have a lot more motorcycles down here than up north. And we have a great customer clientele here in town, really good people,” he says.

And he’s also taken the time to build a motorcycle for his mother.

“Yeah, I built one for her. Actually, I built two for her. She likes to ride,” he says “She’s in her 50s by now.”

He says he’s seen a change in motorcycles throughout the years

“Bikes have gotten a lot bigger, bigger motors, bigger bikes,” he explains.

Despite the changes, he still loves what he does.

“It’s all I’ve ever done. I’ve never had a normal job,” he says.

It’s been said, find a job you like and you’ll never work a day in your life. 


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