Harlingen restaurant feeling the effects of supply chain crisis

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A Harlingen restaurant manager says his restaurant has been forced to raise its prices due to ongoing issues with the supply chain.

The Tipsy Tavern Bar and Grill in Harlingen is currently struggling with food costs and, as a result, has raised prices on some of their food menu items and to-go supplies.

“As opposed to last year or pre-pandemic, prices have gone up almost double to triple than what they were then,” said Michael Mendiondo, general manager at Tipsy Tavern Bar and Grill. 

Mendiondo says he had to find other vendors to meet their expectations, but it has been difficult, adding that because some of the items are hard to find, he's had to discontinue them.

“Majority we did have to change the menu around a little," Mendiondo. "We had to make price adjustments to see what works, what’s beneficial.”

Several industries across the Valley are being affected by the supply chain issue.

Salvador Contreras, an associate professor of economics at UTRGV, says supply chain bottlenecks are just part of the problem, citing a shortage of workers and more people shopping online as other reasons prices have gone up.

Contreras says COVID-19 has also affected consumer habits.

“The supply chain was not built to handle the added strain from consumers' endless appetite for goods,” Contreras said. 

Contreras says meat has gone up by 11 percent, and gasoline by 42 percent. He expects the higher prices will likely stick around at least another year, making it even harder for places like the Tipsy Tavern.

“It’s just hard to have those bar foods that everyone likes and wants, but we do our best to keep that budget there and keep it friendly for everyone," Mendiondo said. 


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