Health experts weigh in on Biden’s COVID-19 plan

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President Joe Biden announced his COVID-19 plan Thursday, which includes deploying the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Guard to set up vaccine clinics across the U.S as part of an ambitious plan to get shots in the arms of millions of Americans.

While the call for a national plan has mostly been well received, Dr. Frank Mongillo of Yale Hospital disagrees with it. 

“Having the federal government having Washington D.C. come in to a local area and say, ‘This is how we’re going to do it,’ doesn’t really make sense,” Mongillo said. “Local officials know what capacity they have.”

It’s an issue Dr. John Krouse of UTRGV’s School of Medicine also addressed.

“We have the capacity to give up to 2,000 shots a day,” Krouse said. “The issue is getting the doses in.”  





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