Health Officials Warn About Illegal Valentine's Gift Vendors

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HARLINGEN – Health officials are warning about illegal Valentine’s Day gift street vendors.

Valentine’s Day gift vendor Lucy Salinas says she has to get a tax ID, have the application notarized, and pass several inspections before being able to start her business.

"I have to come to the place where we're going to stay, we have to have permission, and we take an application and fill it out from them," says Salinas.

However, not everyone follows the law.

City of Harlingen Planning and Development Director, Rodrigo Davila, says they’re focusing on illegal vendors this Valentine’s Day season.

"We have vendors that are comply with all our rules, we want to make sure that they don't feel cheated and somebody else can just come and set up next to them," says Davila.

Davila says if you have a complaint about an illegal vendor to call your local health department.

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