Heavy Winds Result in Loss of Production for Local Crane Business

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WESLACO – Heavy winds made a local crane operator’s job difficult Tuesday afternoon.

KRGV’s Cecilia Gutierrez spoke with the general manager of Mobile Crane and Rigging, Raul Gonzalez.

He says wind gusts of 50 miles per hour resulted in having to stop all production for the day.

"This wind has been unbelievable. It's about 45 to 50 mile-per-hour winds. We have different jobs in different places and different job sites that's been affecting us," says Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says the winds resulted in a loss of time and money for his business.

KRGV’s Chief Meteorologist Tim Smith says the pressure gradient is to blame due to an approaching cold front.

He says high-profile vehicles will have problems and anything that gets lifted into the air can become a projectile.

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