Help Available for Flood Victims in Hidalgo Co.

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UPDATE (7/3): Two Rio Grande Valley twin brothers with a rare genetic disorder are receiving additional assistance after the recent heavy storms. 

The Garcia brothers lived in their Mercedes home for about 30 years until flooding forced them out to a hotel. 

They met with the Hidalgo County Community Services Agency two weeks ago and will be getting help to pay for lodging. 


MERCEDES – Assistance is available for people, including those with disabilities, affected by recent severe weather.

Homeowner Oscar Garcia and his twin brother say the floods damaged their home and ultimately took more than what they expected.

“I think all the surge came up and killed – my dog died. I had a little poodle. She was 16,” he tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

For now, they’re staying at a hotel for shelter.

KRGV’s Angelo Vargas reached out to the Hidalgo County Community Services Agency to learn more on how flood victims like the Garcia’s can receive help.

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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