Heroes and Helpers Program Grants 200 Students’ Holiday Wish

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MCALLEN – Christmas was made possible for 200 students in McAllen. They’ll get to open gifts this holiday season thanks to the Heroes and Helpers program.

McAllen ISD, city leaders and law enforcement partnered up to take 200 students on a $100 shopping spree.

Hundreds of holiday helpers, a couple of dozen heroes and many wishes waiting to come true. In true Christmas spirit, those who received had thoughts of giving to others first.

“First thing he told me was I need a gift for my mom. And I need a gift for my sister, cause after I get a gift for my sister, then I get one for me,” CBP Aviation Enforcement Agent Jeff Bujanos said after helping a student shop.

Johnny Ramos is the youngest of three. He scurried down the aisles in search of gifts, some for him, some for his older sisters.

Maria and Phoebe also looked for items on their holiday wish list.

“All my kids are simple so they just, they didn’t know about it they just found out right now,” Rosa Ramos, the mother of the three students, said.

Ramos said her holiday present is the help.

“Me and my husband do everything we can and this is a big blessing for the family,” she said.

The trip came to an end as the red sleigh filled up with toys. Three siblings who humbly thought of another first will share their new gifts this season.

“Very, very happy for y’all. Y’all deserve it, y’all are good kids,” a hero said.

For the Ramos family, this will be a Christmas to remember.


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