Hidalgo Co. Exhorts Control of Mosquito Breeding Grounds

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MCALLEN – Hidalgo County city leaders along with health officials are encouraging people to do what they can to keep mosquitoes from breeding.

Officials announced a positive Zika case out of McAllen last week. The infected person said they have no travel history outside of Hidalgo County. However, health officials are still investigating how the person contracted the virus.  

Since October, the county has cracked down on unmaintained properties through their Nuisance Abatement Program.

The effort is not only to rid the county of eyesores but to eliminate hot spots for mosquitoes. So far, 144 homeowners have open citations.

Hidalgo County operations administrator Chris Trevino said the program relies on residents to report properties. They can do so by calling their area precinct office. 


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