Hidalgo Co. Fire Marshals Inspecting Fireworks Stands

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EDINBURG – Hidalgo County fire marshals started inspections for some Rio Grande Valley stands this week to make sure they met state regulations. 

Wednesday marked the first day firework stands could legally sell fireworks this season.

Hidalgo County Fire Marshal investigator John Franz said they're not trying to shut stands down. He said they're trying to prevent something tragic from happening this holiday season.

“It’s about getting out here, talking to people, explaining the rules, explaining why it’s safe,” he said. “Why it’s important for them to follow certain precautions, to sell certain products and not sell other products.”

Franz said they're looking for safety violations like stand owners failing to post no smoking signs, not having something to extinguish small fires, stands with wiring issues or stands selling illegal fireworks.

He said their office is also checking to make sure each stand more than 16 feet long has two exits. He said it’s a safety concern if a stand happens to be robbed.

Franz said they will have first responders standing by ready to go on the holiday.

“They’re small explosives. They can cause firs and they’ve caused fires in the past,” he said.

The agency is warning everyone to only use fireworks the way described by the manufacturer, and to pay attention to the wind conditions so accidental fires are prevented. 


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