Hidalgo Co. Health Department Hosts Mobile Clinic

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WESLACO - The Hidalgo County Health Department staff spent most of the day making sure the community is healthy.

They partnered with Hidalgo County Precinct 2 and rolled out their mobile clinic in South Alamo Friday.

The Hidalgo County Health and Human Services Chief Administrative Officer, Eddie Olivarez, explains they wanted to showcase their resources to people.

March 22 marks World Tuberculosis Prevention Day.

He says about 2,300 people showed up to get tested.

"We were doing immunization, vaccinations, we're doing diabetes, obesity assessment. We have different community partners doing different types of education and awareness." says Olivarez.

He explains they also tested for many other illnesses as well.

"To provide healthcare to those individuals that may have different obstacles, number one transportation, and number two funding and so we are periodically providing different types of healthcare access to our community by having health fairs throughout the year," says Chief of Staff of Hidalgo County Precinct Two, Armando Garza.

Olivarez explains all the information on the next health fair can be found on their website.


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