Hidalgo Co. May Change Stance on Border Wall

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WESLACO – A possible change to Hidalgo County’s position on the border wall is expected to be announced soon.

Hidalgo County staff drafted a letter in opposition to any kind of wall for commissioners to sign. It could mean a reversal of the county’s support for a kind of border wall that doubles as a concrete levee and helps with flood control.

The Hidalgo County Drainage District came out in favor of a levee wall this February.

Hidalgo County pointed out to the sections of standing levee wall that was already in place. County administrators said they wanted more of that levee wall to go along existing earthen levees.

Elected officials said they heard from voters who urged them to take a stronger stance on the issue.  

But the county hasn’t officially taken the position against the levee wall.

The decision will be made at the drainage district board’s meeting set for Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Count on us to bring you more details as they become available. 


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