Hidalgo Co. Resident Receives Bogus Call Threatening Her

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PALMVIEW - A Hidalgo County woman is wondering how someone got her phone number after getting calls from a person threatening to have her arrested.

Palmview resident Myra Quintero said the caller never revealed who they were. The person on the demanded she pay in cash or else they’d have her put in jail.  

Quintero said she hung up on the call. She later noticed the call came from a number in Georgia.

“Then they called my uncle and they left him a message saying that I was going to be prosecuted and they had a case from Hidalgo County and they gave me a case number,” she said.

Quintero said the case number turned out to be false.  

Dolores Salinas with the Better Business Bureau said she’s not surprised by Quintero’s case.

“We get calls quite often where people say there’s  a warrant out for their arrest, they owe a bill or they forgot to pay a ticket or something of that nature or they didn’t show up for jury duty, and there’s a warrant out for their arrest,” she said.

Salinas said limiting your personal information is a way to handle those types of calls.

“Tell them that they will not give them any information over the phone… Certainly, not agree to pay any money over the phone, either by use of bank account or credit cards,” she said.

She said you can test the caller on the other end by asking them for specific information about the case they are calling about.

“I’m glad I found out that it was actually false, everything,” Quintero said. “It got to me. It could get to somebody else and it could be even worse.”

CHANNEL 5 NEWS looked into the number and the company the call came from. We did not find a legitimate business connected to the number.

Another way to stop unwanted calls is by placing your number on the national Do Not Call registry. Experts said that should stop unwanted telemarketing and sales calls. 


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