Hidalgo Co. Residents Remember Windstorm Disaster

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NEAR GRANJENO – People living in Chimney Park near Granjeno said they hope to stay out of any future storm paths.

A windstorm ripped through properties destroying nearly everything in June 2016.

Chimney Park manager Lloyd Burns said straight line winds tore through the trailer park ripping through walls, roofs and even flipping mobile homes and vehicles.

“Almost every trailer in here had some kind of damage. The hall here had major changes. It was a nightmare," he said. 

According to Burns, the storm left thousands of dollars in damages. “We were in Texarkana when they called us, and we had to turn around and come back,” he said.

Burns said nearly all Winter Texans who were heading home for the season had to return to help with cleanup efforts. “I had seen storms. I had seen damage and it was bad. And, like I said, I don’t ever want to go through that again,” he said.

The American Red Cross assessed 85 homes in the area after the storms. They said Chimney Park was hit the hardest.  

Burns said they are doing what they can to prepare for any future storms. “There’s really nothing you can depend on… You just have to be ready for it. I mean nobody was prepared for that one,” he said.

He said he hopes this year’s hurricane season doesn’t bring heavy storms. Burns told CHANNEL 5 NEWS many of the park’s residents didn’t return after their mobile homes sustained serious damage. He said others didn’t come back, because they’re afraid of another potentially damaging storm. 


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