Hidalgo Co. Tenant Wants Money Back After Getting Evicted

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EDINBURG – A Hidalgo County resident was evicted less than a week after paying his rent for outstanding late fees.

Edinburg resident Mike Anzaldua said management at the Las Violetas apartment complex told him he could pay his outstanding late fees in late June.

“I asked when was the latest that I could pay those late fees and I was told the 25th," he said.

Anzaldua said he received an eviction notice six days after paying his rent. The document stated outstanding late fees were the reason for the eviction. 

"It came as a surprise to me, and I didn’t want to get locked out after those three days, so I ended up just moving." Anzaldua said.

Anzaldua moved into a new apartment three days after he received his eviction notice.

CHANNEL FIVE NEWS made two separate attempts to visit the Las Violetas office for comment earlier this week. 

“I don’t want to have to hire anybody or anything like that and I just want it to be resolved," he said.

CHANNEL FIVE NEWS made contact with Las Violetas again on Thursday.

They said Anzaldua should receive his money and are currently working to determine if it will include his security deposit and prorated rent.


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