Hidalgo Co. Voters Should Turn in Letter of Examination

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MCALLEN - A Hidalgo County woman said she almost lost her voter registration.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said the Hidalgo County election office sent her a letter stating she was a convicted felon. The letter warned there would be consequences if she didn’t respond.

“I needed to respond in 30 days… I’m a very proactive person. I vote every time I get a chance to, and I’m very much adamant about our community being educated and being out there,” she said.

The woman contacted the office after she saw her voter registration was on the verge of being compromised.

“I could turn the form stating that I had not been convicted of a felony,” she said. “That should clear it up and that my voter registration would be fine.”

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the Hidalgo County Election Office. The voter register manager, Brenda Sagrado, informed the letters are nothing out of the ordinary.

“The letter of examination is a letter that we send out after we receive a report from the state. This is a state report we get on a monthly basis,” she said. “It is a procedure that we need to send to notify that voter indicating whether he or she was convicted or no longer living in the country or possibly deceased.”

Sagrado said the information comes from reports obtained through state agencies and other county offices. She said the letters are not always true.

“It’s a possible match that for some reason matched him or her by a first name, last four numbers of a (Social Security), first name, last name or date of birth. That does not mean it is the individual,” she said.

Sagrado said they still send out the letters to keep their system updated and remove any inactive voters.

She added there have been instances where people disregard the letter and still lose their registration even though the information was not correct.

“My concern was that other people in the community - that may not understand the how the system works - having received a letter like that could deter them from calling or it may affect their voter registration if they don’t submit the paperwork in time within those 30 days,” she said.

Anyone that received a similar letter can contact their local elections office to update their information in the system. 


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