Hidalgo Co. Woman Wants W-2 from Former Employer

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EDINBURG - A Rio Grande Valley woman is trying to track down her former employer to get her W-2 form.

Brianne Yracheta said Valley Medcare Home Health Agency hasn’t sent her the tax information. After many attempts to contact them, she said their phones are still disconnected.

“I got another job, working at another provider. They heard about what was happening and they decided to help me also,” she said.

Yracheta said she tried to use her old paycheck stubs to get a tax refund quote. She said a tax professional quoted her a low refund amount.

The Hidalgo County resident believes the refund would be greater if she only had the necessary forms.

“(It was) a lot less, a lot less. Probably a quarter from what I got last year,” she said.

Yracheta said she hopes she can receive her full refund in time to buy a car her family desperately needs.  

CHANNEL 5 NEWS wasn’t able to track down her former employer either.

According to the IRS, a person should call and file a report with the agency if they find themselves in a similar situation. After Feb. 23, IRS will send a letter to their former employer on their behalf.

The agency said people can also substitute a W-2 form with a 4852 form.

Anyone with questions can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.


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