Hidalgo County announces mortgage and rent relief program

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Hidalgo County on Monday started accepting applications for a coronavirus mortgage and rent relief program.

People who live in rural parts of Hidalgo County, the city of Granjeno and the city of Sullivan City may submit applications for mortgage and rent assistance if they were affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“This program was designed to assist families who were affected by COVID-19 post March 13,” Hidalgo County Community Service Agency Executive Director Jaime Longoria said in a statement. "Households must make 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level to qualify.”

To qualify for mortgage or rent assistance, applicants must:

1) Have been affected by COVID-19 due to loss of wages, job or illness.

2) Be a resident of rural Hidalgo County, the city of Granjeno or the city of Sullivan City.

3) Be "below the 200% federal poverty line," according to Hidalgo County.

Household size and income determines the federal poverty line.

For a single person, that amount is $25,520, according to Hidalgo County. For a family of four, that amount is $52,400.

Applicants must submit:

1) A valid picture ID for every applicant.

2) A birth certificate or valid ID for everyone in the household.

3) Proof of how the applicant was affected by COVID-19, including income, furlough, shelter order and quarantine information.

4) Income information for the past 30 days for everyone in the household.

5) The mortgage or rental agreement or receipts of past expenses.

6) A W-9 form from the mortgage company or landlord.

Hidalgo County will pay the landlord or lender directly.

To apply, visit HidalgoCares.org or call (956) 205-7058.


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