Hidalgo County health officials asks public to practice good hygiene to combat coronavirus

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EDINBURG – Hidalgo County health officials provided information on Wednesday about the coronavirus in the area.

Chief Administrative Officer Eddie Olivarez confirmed no testing is being done through the Centers of Disease Control for the virus in Hidalgo County. He says health officials are in constant contact with hospitals, schools, the state and federal government.

“As of this morning at 6:30, there was 81,200 confirmed cases worldwide. Ninety-eight percent of those are in China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. So listen to this, two percent or less are in the rest of the world,” said Olivarez.

Olivarez says out of the 57 cases in the United States, none are homegrown. All of the cases have been from travelers coming into the U.S. from other parts of the world. He wants the public to stay vigilant.

He added good hygiene and flu prevention practices are the best way to control the illness.

If anyone has any question regarding the coronavirus, they’re asked to call the county’s call center at 956-383-6221.

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