Hidalgo County Sheriffs Investigating Aggravated Robbery

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EDINBURG -- An aggravated robbery at an illegal gambling establishment in Edinburg left two suspects dead early Saturday morning. The suspects were shot and killed by an on-duty security guard. A third suspect fled on foot. 

Dora Uresti lives less than a mile away from the establishment. She tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS it's hard to believe something like this could happen so close to home.

"We had no idea what was going on in the middle of the night," Uresti said. 

Uresti found the crime and its proximity to her home unsettling. 

"That scares us because that means that that person who was at large was probably running around our area," she said. 

Uresti worries illegal gambling spots could be a breeding ground for other crimes. We spoke with Rio Hondo public safety director William Bilokury about her concerns. 

"No good comes of these businesses," said Bilokury. 

Bilokury claims illegal gambling establishments rely on cash to operate, and security isn't always provided. This could make them ideal targets from criminals. 

"They attract the robbery type crimes," he said. "It's just an open target. That's all it is. Most of the time these things are built in standard buildings, no type of security, maybe just a $20 camera system and that's all you've got. "

Bilokury warns people to avoid these establishments. If you choose to go, he encourages you to stay aware of your surroundings. 

"It's not if it's when, something bad happens. Hopefully it's law enforcement coming through the door and not the bad guys," he said. 

Uresti says it will take time for feel at peace in her own home once again. 

"You've got the people that are trying to just have a good time, and the people that are doing the harm. So yes, I am afraid of that," she said. 

CHANNEL 5 NEWS is still working to determine if the third suspect in this case has been located. It's unclear if the security guard was taken into custody or if he's facing charges.


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