Hidalgo ISD superintendent says it may be too soon for students to return to classrooms for the fall

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Gov. Greg Abbott says schools in Texas will be reopened for the fall with students in classrooms. The Texas Education Agency says will be safe to head back to campus.

At Hidalgo Independent School District, Superintendent Xavier Salinas doesn’t agree with the decision to bring back in-person sessions just yet. He believes the state and TEA need to send a survey to parents to ask how they feel about schools opening up.

“Because I know several districts did surveys already. At least 40 to 50% of the parents are saying they’re not ready to come back, because they don’t feel safe enough at this time,” said Salinas.

Salinas says the district is developing a mobile app to keep track of everyone’s temperature, which will also notify parents to pick up their child if they have a high temperature.

A local parent agrees with the superintendent, but hopes leaders will do the best they can to ensure everyone’s safety.

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