Home Builder Arrested for Stealing Over $400,000 of Unfinished Work

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EDINBURG - A home builder was arrested Monday after multiple Rio Grande Valley families claim they’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to him.

One of the homeowners who lost money to Juan Carlos Carranza, owner of New Mark Custom Homes, says he gave him close to $100,000, but the job was never finished.

“This was my biggest fear and my biggest fear came true," he says.

Another resident, Felix Meza says he took out $2,000 to secure a property lot and also took thousands of dollars out of his 401K plan.

"I withdrew money from my retirement plan the total was $118,000 and I gave Mr. Carranza a check for $87, 000,” says Meza.

He later found out the lot he bought was sold to someone else.

Carranza was charged with a complaint of aggregated theft, a first degree felony.

In the criminal complaint, Edinburg police officers interviewed eight victims including Meza.

Investigators point out Carranza knew he accepted down payments and withdrew thousands without building their homes.

In all, Carranza is accused of stealing over $400,000.

He is set to be transferred to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s jail.

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