Home Security Company Issues Alert on Imposters

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MISSION – A security company has a warning for homeowners. Beware of door-to-door salespeople posing as security home representatives.

Some may be imposters.

An Army veteran is singing with a strong peace of mind. Rigoberto Cardenas is retired. He explained fixing lawnmowers at home is therapeutic.

Cardenas said he fought in Vietnam protecting this country.

"Wars are not any good for nobody. It's very, very sad what we go through over there,” said Cardenas.

Now, he wants his own protection. He bought a home security system.

Cardenas is one of many who got this alert.

“Saying that there were a lot of supposedly Vivint employees coming door-to-door wanting to get access to the Vivint control," he said.

Cardenas says days after the alert came through; a representative came to his front door without identification. He asked her the latest news and immediately put into practice the warning.

"So you go to; the text said you ask for the I.D. and that's when she remembered she didn't have her I.D. on, but she showed me her I.D. She was legit,” said Cardenas.

He said for others not to be distracted when someone comes to your door. Cardenas explains he's taking extra security measures.

"If they don't pass the test; take a picture of them, take a picture of their driver's license and just because they are in your front door doesn't mean they have access to it,” said Cardenas.

It's this sense of security that he focuses on what matters most; his work and family safe at home.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS did reach out to Vivint and they tell us all representatives will wear an official uniform and have a photo I.D. with them.

You can visit the Vivint website if you’d like to see how you can verify an employee with their badge number.


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