Honduran natives react to presidential election results

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With hundreds of thousands of Hondurans detained at the border this year alone, many are wondering if the election of Honduras’ first female president - Xiomara Castro - will impact immigration.

In the last 12 months, nearly 330,000 Hondurans have been apprehended trying to cross into the U.S. Its estimated 1 in every 23 Honduran residents were apprehended.

Many migrants say they're escaping poverty and violence. Some analysts say this all has an origin.

“There's a direct link then between the corruption that is has made the state of the government unable to deliver it all and taken all the money away and the migration,” security analyst Adam Isacson said, adding the organized crime has overrun the Honduran government with corruption.

The brother of current president Juan Orlando Hernandez was sentenced by a U.S. district court to life in prison for drug trafficking.

While campaigning, President Biden said he would invest $4 billion in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala to fight corruption and improve people's quality of life.

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