How to apply, qualify for ballot-by-mail voting

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The Texas Supreme Court ruled that the Harris County Clerk must stop sending unsolicited mail-in voting applications to all registered voters on Tuesday. This decision serves as a reminder for Rio Grande Valley county leaders and residents. 

Cameron County Clerk Remi Garza said they have a formal application that the secretary of state’s office provides.

"We can mail you one of those, if you want to request you can either call us and we’ll get your address and mail it to you," Garza said "All qualifying ballot by mail voters can make a request directly from the secretary of state’s website."

For further clarification, Garza said there are four groups of people who are eligible to vote by mail. 

People who are going to be 65 years and older on Election Day. 

Individuals who are going to be out of the county during early voting at Election Day which is October 13th through the November 3rd time period.

Individuals who have a disability or sickness that prevents them from going to the polls without requiring assistance or possibly injuring their health.

Registered voters who are incarcerated also have an opportunity to exercise their right to request a ballot by mail application. As long as they haven’t been convicted of a felony that hasn’t been pardoned or been excused by the governor. 

Garza said if you are a qualified voter and you receive an unsolicited ballot by mail application, it is your choice to use it or toss it out.

“It’s completely legal and it’s a completely acceptable practice,” Garza said. 

This is the first year qualified voters in Cameron, Hidalgo and Starr counties have the option to drop off their completed ballots by mail in person with an I.D. any day up until 7 p.m. on Election Day, November 3. However, qualified voters in Willacy County who wish to drop off their completed ballot by mail in person are required to drop it off only on Election Day by 7 p.m. 

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